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Weirdest Job Around The World

I am a 5th-semester university student, taking film and broadcasting as a major. The end of the carefree life was near, pushing me to start looking for jobs. But me being me, I never take anything seriously, especially not something as anxiety-inducing as trying to find a job. So rather than making an adequate LinkedIn profile and search for a job within my preferred industry, I went on a fun google search of the weirdest job around the world. You would think jobs like Metal Roof Specialist is weird, but no. Here is a list of the weirdest jobs I could find exist, some of them even pay surprisingly well. 

Snake Milkers 

No no no, Snake doesn’t produce milk. They are reptiles. So what do these Snake Milkers milk? They actually milk out the snake venoms. These Snake Milker’s job is actually are one of those heroes without capes that lives among us. Usually, they milk venom from the world’s deadliest snakes that will be bought by medical laboratory hospitals to make anti-venoms. So next time you get bit by one of these snakes and got the anti-venom you should thank the Snake Milkers of the world. 


Professional Mermaids 

Metal Roof Specialist

Yes, I laughed too when I came across this information. The job sounds simple but I guess not everybody can do it. You have to swim in a mermaid costume and also act like you ARE a mermaid. Usually, people will pay around RM 1.250 per hour for this service. It is a big industry too. You have to get a certification as a professional mermaid. 


Chicken Sexxer 

Okay, Get your head out of the gutter. Chicken Sexxer access the sex of the chicken. Usually, mass hatcheries will hire a Chicken Sexxer as they have a lot of chicken to access. Sounds very mundane but still, weird.


Fake FaceBooker 

You would think that this kind of job is now run by the bots or the AIs of the world, but turns out there is still some essence of human touch involved. The objective of their job is to make multiple FaceBook account under false names to add likes in certain pages can be used as a personal mission or business, depends on who is hiring. 


This one is going to be a little morbid, it also says a lot about our society

Professional Mourner

Metal Roof Specialist

Sounds very dark right? These professional Mourners are hired to add more crowds to the funeral of the dead family member because no one attends it. The hired person will have to learn about the dead family member so that they can talk fondly about them. The requirements to become a professional mourner are very high. You have to be well-spoken, socially versed, and knows how to manipulate people’s emotions. It pays very well too, a professional mourner is paid RM 260 for a day’s work. 


These jobs make me think that I spend too much money on education, I would love to be a professional mourner.