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Top 5 Professional Gamblers

Just like any other profession, there are also professional gamblers. And to become a professional gambler is not easy, there are a lot of things you need to do and achieve to be considered as a professional gambler. And as a professional gambler, you’ll only be gambling at top casinos or trusted online casino Malaysia 2021. 

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Here are some of the top 5 professional gamblers that most gamblers will immediately be recognized once you see their name. 


Amarillo Slim 

Amarillo Slim was once a poker player who originate from Texas and he had joined forces with two other poker players known as Doyle Bruson and Puggy Pearson. Despite his well-known background in poker games, he made most of his money and fame through race tracks bets where he’ll be making a very risky and sly bet. And he also uses his intelligence in betting on most of the pool tables and also table tennis. However, Slim has died at the age of 83 years old at the year 2012. 


Edward Thorp 

Thorp is a well-known math professor and he was also known to write the book of card counting, which is about a blackjack strategy that is used to determine whether the player or the dealer had the advantage for the next hand. With the strategy card counting that he had come up with by himself he had used that strategy in top casinos at Las Vegas and Reno and won a huge amount of cash just in the first week of playing. To avoid getting caught or being recognized by the casino, Thorp will constantly change his identity whenever he entered the casino and no one would even notice him. 


Billy Walters 

Most casino games like slot, blackjack, and dice games are known for their numbers but sports betting is a bet where you need skills more than luck and Bill Walter has what it needs to be a professional gambler in sports betting. What makes it even more special is that Walters starts his first bet in sports betting at the age of 9 years old. 


Chris Moneymaker 

If you are someone that loves to play online casino, maybe the story of Chris will be an inspiration to you. He was an accountant with a side job at a restaurant but that immediately changed when he first started getting involved in online casino games. He had won a huge amount of cash that’ll change his entire life. And with the money that he had won, he created his own company named MoneyMaker Gaming and he was also a spokesperson for Harrah’s Entertainment and PokerStars. 


Doyle Brunson 

Doyle was actually an All-Star Texas Basketball team, but he didn’t get a place in the NBA team due to his injury. And he decided to be a school principal and play illegal poker during his spare time. What first started as an illegal poker that was run by a mob soon turn into legal poker where he made his career as a professional gambler.