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The Right Choices For the Effective Unifi Internet Solutions

Regarding ADSL offers, the closer your home is to the telephone exchange, the higher your speed will be, and closer to the maximum. Note that this does not apply to fibre optic internet which is much more stable, not very sensitive to the distance from the exchange.

Here is a diagram showing the speed with an Unifi internet depending on the distance between your home and the telephone exchange:

In order to know the real speed that you can achieve on your line, you must take an ADSL test, it’s free and instantaneous, you just need to enter your phone number.

unifi internet

Mega minimum for ADSL television

No flow constraint to obtain good quality Internet and telephone access: 1 Mega is enough, or even less. On the other hand, to obtain television by ADSL, 4 Mega minimum are necessary.

If your line only offers you 2 Mega maximum, it is useless to want television by ADSL, the quality will not be sufficient.

In order to find the offer perfectly suited to your needs, the choice of Internet access for your e-commerce company must be carefully considered. To do this, it is important to ask yourself the right questions: What speed do you need? What are the essential telephone services for you? Do you have to use fax? A professional mobile?

Internet in business: what speed?

Choose according to your use

The Internet speed you will need obviously depends on the number of employees who will use the same connection, but also on the services you want to be able to benefit from in your company: telephony on IP, reception of faxes, creation of an Internet site. One SME with less than 50 employees will logically not need the same speeds as a large company, which is not to say that two companies of the same size require identical speeds for their Internet access. There is only one factor to be taken into account here: professional activity. An SME that must regularly exchange large files will need more speed than a company that works over the telephone.

Guaranteed or unsecured debit?

Internet access offers for business have the characteristic of being able to guarantee, in certain cases, the speed of your connection. To understand, the guaranteed speed means that your operator ensures a constant speed of your Internet access in all circumstances.