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How to improve your chances at winning in the casino!

When gambling, is it important to know that you are going to lose. The game that you play doesn’t even matter, it can be slots, roulette or low house edge games namely, blackjack. The probability of you losing is there. Well, you are supposed to. But dont let that bring you down. Now that you know losing is inevitable and common, there is a comfort knowing that it is okay to lose. This will help you to focus on other things instead of getting sad over losing. Well, now you can focus on learning strategies. Here are a few tips that might help you win!


Being an expert in a game is very subjective, blackjack may not be an easy game for everyone. Not eveyone can master or be interested in low house edge games. When you play the game you like, you are much more likely to find loopholes, or strategies to win the game because you actually understand the game. 

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When you are at the casino, slot machines might be bright and flashy, some even are much more technologically advanced than the others. Try to avoid those, the simpler the game, the better the chance of you winning. The games with video or touch screens tend to be harder to win. Some players may argue that the technologically advanced games are much more fun to play with instead of the boring old ones. Well then it’s up to what you prioritise, winning and having an advantage over the casino or the fun? 


Here’s a tip that might be the easiest, find and identify clumsy dealers. Look for dealers that make little mistakes like revealing the cards by accident. This strategy is known as “card holding” and it can give you almost a 10 percent edge over the house. It’s much easier to use and it is also legal but of course casino’s do not like this as they might start losing money, and you might get thrown out if caught. So it is recommended for you to just master the game instead of waiting on a miracle for you to win. 

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As online players, this might be the most useful tip for you. It kind of works like this, you make a deposit and then the casino matches a percentage of your deposit, you get free money to play with! 

But there are terms that you need to follow, you might need to wager a big amount that is relative to your deposit before you can cash it out. 


In conclusion, it is okay to lose as you will still gain more experience and gain benefits. You can also always practice gambling and playing online casino at the mega888 website