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How To Get Rid Of TV Addiction

  1. Watching TV until you feel fatigued

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried eating the same thing you like and eat it continuously always, and then you get completely bored enough to not want to eat it at all. I’ve had this happen with games and TV, but I don’t recommend this approach, so please use the second method. 

     2. Second, quit by willpower.

Use your sanity to control yourself, which requires you to have a plan and to execute it, such as watching a few hours, or a few episodes a day. Be prepared that there will be a withdrawal reaction and it will be hard to watch. At this point, you have to turn off your phone or computer by force of will. You must not allow yourself to watch one more episode and stop watching when you are eager to continue. Because the plot is deliberately designed to break in the nick of time, just as a comic book magazine will never finish more than one issue at a time, just to keep you hanging on. 

After you turn off your phone by force of will, you still want to see it, right? You still want to watch it again, don’t you? You’re scratching your head until you see if the misunderstanding between the hero and heroine is resolved, right? But you’ve already watched your episode for the day, so don’t allow yourself to click on the video again. This is the time to distract yourself, do some exercise, read a book, a comic book or a magazine. Take a shower, eat a fruit, listen to a song. If you have a cat, jerk off to it, if you have a dog, dish it out. In short, put down your phone for now.

    3. The hard feelings of withdrawal will diminish on their own with time.

It usually takes three weeks for people to develop a habit. You set yourself a goal first, for example, to watch 2 episodes a day, and you can watch 4 episodes a day on weekends or holidays, and make sure you stick to it, and in about a week or two, you’ll be much better. It’s not advisable to use a gradual reduction method, i.e. don’t say you’ll watch 6 episodes a day at first, then 4, 2, that’s even harder. Think about how many episodes a day makes the most sense for you and then just do it.

All in all, there are three key points. First of all, be sensible about the withdrawal reaction and understand that it is normal as well as being something that can go away on its own with time. Secondly, divert your attention away from fighting it hard and look at other interesting things for a while. Last but not the least, make sure you stick to the withdrawal process of watching TV. 


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