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How to best spend your weekend


Weekend is the most awaited time for most of us. Wait, is there anybody that  doesn’t wait for the weekend? I don’t think so. But, thinking of what to do on the weekend is sometimes quite challenging. It is the only time where you can release your stress. However, it is also the only time that you can do something beneficial that you did not have chances to do during weekdays. 


Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter as long as you did not do something unwise. For example, spending your time by playing slot machine online malaysia. Instead, you can do the recommended activities below:

Experience new skills


Use opposite skills on the weekend whatever you spend your week doing for the old day job. It means that if you spend much of your time sitting at a desk, then schedule a productive weekend full of tasks to get around or do enjoyable activities such as hiking, cooking and skiing. You are also helping to wire stuff in your brain by modifying the type of tasks that you do. It keeps you involved and active, and helps you create new links and relationships as well.


Think of it like a block writer or block musician. Consider going on to another (completely) different thing when you get lost in a rut at one thing. Having these kinds of varied skills will help you understand any “problems” you may have in your professional life, and will help you resolve any negative obstacles you may have in your work.


Be a morning person


The early bird really does catch the worm. You could read about being successful in a million articles and which 99 percent of them will tell you that getting up early lets you get more done.


That is true. As long as you get enough sleep (see below), getting up early can do a great deal to make an impact on your day. Morning is normally very sluggish, with less distractions and an easier pace. You can get your day started faster when you get out of bed as soon as possible, and with less distractions, more can get done.

First thing in the morning kick in gear and you can see some immediate outcomes. When you’re never giving yourself a chance to laze around, chances are that you’re going to be more inspired to get out there and tackle the things you’ve been too tired.


Volunteering might not come to mind when you’re planning a successful weekend, but it’s one of the best ways to concentrate your mind on vital issues beyond the workplace such as health , education , environment and climate change. Serving others has a way to get us to look at ourselves long enough. When we help others, we help ourselves and come to see our humanity in a way that is difficult to do when the modern system’s dogma beats us down.

If you serve others you receive priceless benefits such as a sense of accomplishment, confidence, satisfaction. You make bonds and build relationships with other people, only by taking part in something that is a little outside of yourself.

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