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Home Poker Games 101

Home Poker Games 101: How To Host a Successful Poker Night

Do you want to host an exciting and successful poker game night that have the same experience as playing at live casino/live22, yet cosier? A card game bonding session is an amazing way to bond with your loved ones. If you are planning a game night at home, make sure to prepare all the materials needed. You will definitely need a checklist, to ensure that you wouldn’t forget a single thing.

“What type of poker night are planning to have?”

Will this game night be a simple gathering of your relatives and friends? You might want to consider playing dealer’s choice. In dealer’s choice, a person gets to decide on the game that will be played on every hand. Texas Hold’em is also a good choice, since it is also one of the most famous card games today. However, if you want a more challenging and varied play, explore other rotation poker games.

“How many players should I invite?”

Have you decided on the type of poker game you want to play with your friends? If the dealer choice game is already final, then, it will be good to invite around 5 to 7 individuals. If you’re resorting to a Texas Hold’em only evening, go and invite 6 to 10 people.

Don’t invite over 7 people if you are playing a game wherein a 7-card stud is possible.

“What Are the Stakes? What’s the Buy-In?”

Make sure to tell your friends and family all the details of your card game night ahead of time. Tell them how much money they should bring to be able to play. This will be your game’s buy in. Do you want to know what is the best way to determine your game’s buy-in?

Choose the price that you would want to use on one round of shopping spree. What about around $10 to $100? Not too little, and not too big of an amount. If you lose this, you can still pay for your electric bill and other monthly bills.

You should also consider the betting structure, or stakes. Will the stakes have a fixed limit, spread limit, or will it be a no limit poker game? What are the maximum and minimum bets?

Then, fix the final schedule, and send out all the invitations.

Prepare All the Game Night Supplies

Prepare all of the card game night supplies ahead of time. Gather not just the home poker game paraphernalia, but also plenty of food and beverages.


Here’s a simple checklist:

Home Poker Night Supplies

  1. Poker Chips
  2. A Poker Table
  3. Two Card Decks
  4. Dealer Button
  5. Finger Food Selection
  6. Beverages