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Best Websites For Introverts To Use

Sometimes, not everyone likes the websites that are on trends or that are popular, those websites that are liked and used by many. Guess they are not trending chase but they are also lowkey just want to mind their business and stay lowkey with what they are doing. These people are known as introverts. They are not shy but they don’t like much attention and they just don’t like to be the center of attention. Introverts are not anti-social people, they do have their group of friends, but they choose to stay in the circle rather than expanding their circle of friends. It can be a bit overwhelming to introverts when using certain trendy websites because not all websites are suitable for everyone. Here are several website developers in Malaysia and other nations that have developed websites that are recommended and are more suitable for introverts to surf especially if you are an introvert and you don’t know how to best spend your weekend.

website developers Malaysia

The first will be Pinterest, this definitely an introvert must because first, it is just all pictures that are aesthetically pleasing and information that is well set and is more suited for those who are searching for arts, and tutorials that do not require any conversation or communication. Plus, you can just search anything and you will receive the results, and you can pin it to your Pinterest board. You can also post pictures that you find interesting and others might also like and share them or pin them to their boards. 

Tumblr will be next on this list, this is because Tumblr is mainly for those who are into poet and short stories, there are definitely more to Tumblr than just poetry and stories, its function is something like Twitter, but more secluded with the circle and has many accounts that are dedicated to many fandoms and fan-made art and stories. Tumblr is also counted as social media but their first appearance was through websites and is mainly used through desktop usage.

Wattpad is also a great website, it contains and allows many writers to post their story and at the same time allows readers to read other stories. Most of these stories are free, and they have many versions and genres. Recently Wattpad has earned its recognition with lots of movies coming out after the story has been published. The more popular a story gets, the more views and readers, the writer might gain some side income and get to publish the book. 

Reddit is similar to Tumblr, but more focused on the fandom purpose, these fandoms create these Reddit and post about thoughts and opinions, maybe even recreating the story of the scenario of certain scenes of the fandom page from a different angle. Moreover, Reddit is also a platform where users and creators can post their art and their works and get recognition for it, but it definitely needs to be paid to do that stuff.