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Best Malaysian Movies You Should Watch

Malaysian films, which are barely recognised outside of Asia, combine genres, styles, topics, and themes to create some of the world’s most unusual mixtures. Here are some that you can watch if you are an introvert and taking a break from MLM business software development.


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Sergeant Hassan
Sergeant Hassan, starring the legendary P. Ramlee, is set during World War II. Hassan is a young man who aspires to join the Malay Regiment. His father and brother, on the other hand, had other ideas. With a desire to prove them wrong, he joins the army and later earns the rank of Sergeant through his dedication.


This lovely storey will transport you back to your earliest recollections of having a crush and falling in love. Follow Orked’s journey after spending her school holidays in the countryside and discovering the meaning of love for the first time with Mukhsin.


Sepet is one of the best Malaysian films, and it has stayed with Malaysians who were teenagers and adults in the early 2000s to this day. Sepet is the masterpiece that brought Malaysian star Yasmin Ahmad to popularity, providing a refreshing twist on the main point of interracial couples. This film will leave you thinking about how multiculturalism genuinely influences our lives since it explores subjects that are only spoken behind closed doors in Malaysia. You can also watch the sequels, Gubra and Mukhsin, if you enjoy this film.


The Big Durian
Amir Muhammad’s The Big Durian, the first Malaysian film to be presented at the Sundance Film Festival, sparked both controversy and praise. The events of the night of October 18, 1987, when a rifle-toting soldier ran amok in Kuala Lumpur, generating citywide panic, are unravelled in this bold docudrama. Its ambitious scale allowed Muhammad to draw attention to ethnic, religious, and political differences in modern Malaysia.


Pulang is a film that drew a lot of attention because it is based on a genuine storey. The film takes us on an emotional journey of love, family, and sacrifice. A young man finds his grandfather’s fate 61 years later after he made a vow – to his grandmother – to return after sailing away to seek his wealth. Hearing the fantastic nostalgic stories, the young man decides to make it his duty to find his grandfather.


Bella & Jamie

Another chick-flick worth seeing on a quiet weekend with your sister or best friend. Bella (Liyana Jasmay) and Jamie (Che’ Puan Juliana Evans) were overjoyed when they learned that their parents were planning to marry each other. Later, when Bella discovered that Jamie had broken the “female code” by dating her ex-boyfriend, their friendship was put to the test.


The Journey
Intercultural marriages can be difficult, and it’s even more difficult when the couple comes from opposite sides of the globe. In The Journey, a conservative Chinese Malaysian father reluctantly decides to let his daughter marry a Caucasian guy from England. On one condition: his prospective son-in-law must accompany him across the country to distribute wedding invitations. This bonding expedition gets off to a difficult start, but will they be able to overcome their differences in the end? Empathy, familial relationships, camaraderie, and unity are all themes in this fantastic Malaysian film!