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Affiliate Marketing Tools For Newbies


PayPal is actually one of the most helpful affiliate marketing tools. Why? Well, it helps affiliates receive their commission easier and quicker. You can also use those for other affiliate marketing and online affiliate transactions.


Do you want to make your affiliate website more visually appealing? You need Canva. This platform makes it possible for anyone to design anything, and publish it anywhere. Affiliate marketers wouldn’t be able to utilize it 100% of the time, but it can assist you in a wide range of tasks.


Namecheap is a popular domain registrar where almost each online marketer purchases his domain from. This platform is a favorite of many digital marketing professionals, despite the existence of GoDaddy, and other alternatives.


Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting providers that powers thousands upon thousands of websites. You can host your own affiliate website here, and promote products and services. However, they have strict requirements for affiliate marketers, so before applying, make sure that you already have a good affiliate marketing blog.


WordPress is definitely a must-use for many affiliate marketers. It is a popular content management system where you can easily create your affiliate website. This platform is SEO friendly, and easy to use.


SEMRush is the ultimate SEO tool for beginners. Remember, every affiliate marketing strategy must go hand in hand with good SEO techniques. There are plenty of affiliate programs you can join in Malaysia, but if you fail to focus on SEO, you wouldn’t succeed in the long run.


Grammarly is one of the best content marketing tools you can use for when writing content. It can help you check grammatical lapses, punctuation mistakes and more.

8.Google Analytics

To improve the performance of your affiliate website, you need to monitor its performance regularly. Google Analytics can help you do this. It is a free website analytics tool that can assist you in analyzing in-depth details about your website.


Do you want to improve your affiliate website’s content marketing strategy? BuzzSumo is the perfect tool that can help you out. It is a monitoring and research tool developed especially for online marketers. You can use this for thorough content research, and analyzing metrics.


Trello is a popular project management tool helping affiliate marketers and other business owners manage tasks more effectively. It also has useful delegating functions.