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6 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

In this day and age, every second counts. This is especially true when it comes to your
website’s loading speeds.
In a survey report that was published by Statista, it was revealed that about 53% of
people actually abandon a website if it doesn’t load well within 3 seconds. In a follow-up
report, 10% of web users will bounce off of a website if it doesn’t load in 2 seconds.
Website loading speed, therefore, is very important. This is further compounded by the
fact that Google has stated that page loading speed is indeed one of the most important
factors in page ranking.
Given this information, how can you speed up your website to ensure that people are
not going to leave your page the moment they arrive? Read on to find out some tips.

Get a Good Hosting Provider

One of the best ways to ensure that speed is never going to be an issue is for you to
sign-up to a reliable hosting company. Find the best ones that offer the best possible
speeds and you shouldn’t run into any problems, at least, not on your end.

Optimize Your Media

Anything that is placed on your webpage- may it be as simple as a text or as complex
as photos and videos- will require the web browser to load all of those elements before
it gets displayed on a certain device.
That being said, you need to optimize your media so that it will not take too long to load.
You can do this by resizing your images before you upload them on your website. There
are so many free tools out there that can help you do just that.
Aside from that, you can also use a lower resolution for your videos so that it can load
faster without compromise too much on quality. For instance, if your video is originally
captured in full HD, you can upload it in HD instead.

Make Sure that Your Scripts Are Up to Date

Certain scripts would have to be run in order for you to execute certain features on your
website. Confer with your website developer or hosting company about your website’s
scripts and have them update it as long as it is needed to ensure that your website
loads optimally at all times.

Take Advantage of a CDN

Content Delivery Networks or CDNs are networks that house plenty of websites, thus
improving page loading speeds. This is great if you are currently not using a reliable
hosting provider.
The reason why CDNs work is that they use cached versions of the most popular
websites out there so that people can access the website at a much faster pace.
If you have a website, you can contact a CDN to have the network cache your website
for faster loading speeds.

Enable Browser Caching

Browser caching is a feature on every website that caches your website’s information to
a user’s device the first time they visit. This feature would then be able to load your
website much faster when that same user visits your website the next time.

Use Redirects Sparingly

Redirects are useful whenever you want to showcase another website on your
webpage. However, use it sparingly so as to not bombard your users with more HTTP
requests than necessary.