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6 Types of Shoes You can Buy for Your Baby

Shopping for baby shoes in Malaysia is one of the most exciting moments of parenthood. Sure, it’s just shopping. But, providing all the cute and useful accessories for your little is a remarkable experience for every parent. Below are some of the best types of baby shoes you can purchase.

1.Leather-embroidered shoes with non-slip bottoms

Consider leather baby shoes. These types of shoes are adorable, and well-made. The most amazing thing about this is that you can find one at an affordable price. Surely, you would end up buying more than one pair.

2.Canvas sneakers anti-slip bottoms

Cool canvas sneakers are not just for adults. You can also get one for your baby, so you can go out in matching outfits. Just make sure that the pair you are getting for your kid has anti-slip bottoms. This is perfect for those toddlers who are just beginning to walk, and getting used to walking around the room.

3.Salt water sandals

There are salt water sandals for toddlers, infants and much older kids. This kind of shoes is comfortable, and many children love it. They fit comfortably, once they have been broken in. At first, you might have a hard time convincing your child to wear it, but soon, she will get used to it.

4.Cowboy Boots

Let your child enjoy the yeehaw culture. Kids are kids, but it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be stylish. Find cowboy boots which are affordable and good quality. This can match any outfit.

5.Fleece booties

Fleece booties are created with non-slip bottoms for a perfect winter experience. By letting your little one wear one, you can ensure that her tiny toes are warm, and at the same time, stylish.

6.Soft sole penny loafers

Get a pair of cute soft sole penny loafers. This is great as pre-walkers. Your kid can also wear this during fancy events, and each time you want her to look a bit more mature. For many parents, loafers are the cutest types of shoes.