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3 Reasons Why Mobile App Development Gets Smarter in 2018


Smartphone apps back in the day is more centered around giving information and entertainment to the masses. It has since evolved to cater so many things and a lot of trends have now been implemented as well. Take, for example, Artificial Intelligence. We all know that AI was used mainly in robots, but it actually now has an implementation in the field of  smartphone app development. That is why the “Internet of Things”, also known as “IoT”, has become more prevalent. The Internet of Things utilizes the internet to cater to the needs of their owners. Another implementation would be AmI or “Ambient Intelligence”. These are also products that are smart because it makes use of different sensors that can truly enhance our lives. Some implementations include entering a house and then the lights will turn on automatically or going to the bathroom and the bath tub starts getting filled with water. Really, applications are getting smarter because of these new technological trends and we are only going to see more of them getting implemented in the near future. Today, I am going to talk about the 3 reasons why mobile app development gets smarter in 2018.

1. More Chatbots

As our technology gets more advanced, businesses can now leverage this to their advantage. Instead of hiring real people to handle the job of catering to the customers’ queries, they can now make use of chatbots instead. The Chatbots are just one of the many implementations of artificial intelligence in the mobile app space. They are definitely going to assist your customers and hopefully, find some answers for their frequently asked questions. The feature is still relatively new, but as we all know, it is only a matter of time before it gets polished to do our bidding without any mistakes.

2. More AmI Implementation

To truly unlock the potential of Ambient Intelligence, applications can further the features that are already embedded in the default product. In other words, apps can utilize the product in more ways than one.

3. More Employee-Facing Apps

Most mobile applications nowadays are still focused more on the consumer, which is kind of sad given that companies have a lot of employees. If businesses are already catering and bettering the lives of their customers, their employees should also be able to enjoy such conveniences in life as well. For instance, a mobile app developer can enhance the IoT in corporate and business settings by adding features that employees can benefit. This can be done by furthering the advancement of AI and the AmI. There was an interesting statistic done back in 2015 where a company has 7,500 employees that deal with mobile app development, but they have only released 19 apps during that year. That is because there were really no features that haven’t been implemented already. However, that is going to change in the coming years’ thanks to advances in modern technology.