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11 Huge Reasons to avoid BlogSpot

11 Huge Reasons to avoid BlogSpot

Reasons on avoiding Blogspot

Many bloggers start with Blogpost because it is a free blogging platform. However, some professionals are not recommending blogspot especially if you intended on doing professional and business matter on it.

Here are the major reasons why you should avoid blogspot:

1. You can’t establish website authority.

One of the most crucial goals of SEO on seo marketing and link building strategies are to establish website authority. Focusing on this can help you rank so much easier. Since several bloggers refuse to link out to BlogSpot websites, you will struggle to create website authority.

11 Huge Reasons to avoid BlogSpot2. Technically, you don’t own your blog.  

BlogSpot owns your content. Even if you spend many years producing SEO-friendly content, the platform can erase it in one second.

This reason alone should make you avoid this blogging platform.

It is better to buy a customized domain, and maintain a self-hosted website.


3. You are required to follow BlogSpot’s terms and conditions.

Since Blogger owns your content, you are required to follow their rules. If you do something that out of line, your blog can be deleted in instant.

4. You are not allowed to monetize.

Blogger is very restrictive about blog monetization. You are allowed to utilize AdSense in your blog, however, restrictions exist against product and service sales. BlogSpot can definitely prevent the growth of your business.

5. Blog customization is very limited.

In WordPress, there are several UX and design possibilities. In BlogSpot, on the other hand, there is very limited selection of templates as well as in customization. If you are not a developer, you will surely struggle.

6. You can hurt your credibility and brand.

Whether you are running a business or maintaining a personal blog, you must avoid BlogSpot. There are various limitations that can prevent the expansion of your business.

7. BlogSpot blogs don’t perform well in Google.

It’s ironic that the blogs created by Google’s very own blogging platform fails to perform well in Google itself. Blogger also fails it users in the backlink department.

8. It is difficult to get backlinks.

It is true that several bloggers and influencers are not willing to link to Blogger blogs. For them, the blogspot.com domain is a recipe for poor conversion rates.

9. Moving to a customized domain is a nightmare.

Migrating a BlogSpot blog can give you an immense headache. Not only that, it can also negatively impact your search engine optimization strategy.

10. Several BlogSpot blogs are brutalized with spam.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to host your personal blog in a platform that considers SEO use as spam.

11 Huge Reasons to avoid BlogSpot11. You are not entirely committed.

Don’t be scared to purchase your own domain, and pay paying for web hosting each month. Be fully committed. Invest in a website with the future in mind. Look for many ways to grow your income and web traffic. You can achieve this by hosting your blog somewhere else—not BlogSpot.